"Diet" Chocolate Kahlua Cake

No Mosquitoes

May is Customer Appreciation Month at the Hidden Valley.  This will be our second annual "Just Desserts" weekend where guests bring a sweet treat to share to an RV Park organized potluck.  Since the weather is so cooperative we'll be gathering at the Bonfire Cove this year.  We may have to put our "bounce" sheets in our pockets to stave off the hungry mosquitoes and hopefully the bonfire will keep them at bay.  If not we'll just have to break out the "No Mosquitoes" sign and issue biting tickets.

Our contribution to the potluck is a lovely recipe I pinned from Charissa over at "Madtown Macs."  It is the perfect rich, yet light dessert with a little nip a Kahlua (or a big nip if you prefer.)  It's so easy you really don't need a recipe once you've read it over a little.  There's really only four parts and then some quick assembly.
  1. Cake - Bake any chocolate cake in a 13 X 9" pan. (To make it 'diet' use applesauce instead of oil in the cake mix.) When it's cool, cut into 1" cubes.  Pour at least 1/2 cup of Kahlua over the top and let sit for an hour or overnight.  (Don't think they make 'diet' Kahlua.
  2. Mousse - You can buy this pre-made or buy a mix.  I used a product called Dream Whip (need to add milk) then followed the recipe on the box for mousse which requires a 4 serving box of pudding.  I used sugar free to lessen calories.
  3. Cool whip - 16 oz (you may have some leftover.) Use low fat if desired.
  4. Candy - My favorite is definitely Skor Bars but they are hard to find (four or five of then will do.)  You could substitute and kind of chocolate, hard toffee candy.  I hammer them while in the package and this smashes them into small chunks.
Now here's the fun part.   Any deep bowl is okay, like a trifle bowl.  I was making it for a large crowd so I used a glass cake holder with the cover turned upside down in the base.   Clear glass is nice to show off the layers but taste is the same no matter the container. 

Start with a layer of cake cubes. Then goes a layer of the chocolate mouse. Then a layer of Cool Whip. Then sprinkle candy pieces. Repeat ending with the Cool Whip and candy on top.

The trick is getting through making the layers without eating too much of the mousse.

Well, once we get together this evening and share all our desserts I'll be back to share the recipes.

PS. I made this in an RV with a small kitchen and only a few ingredients so it's a keeper for travelers.  I also thought that experimenting with small servings in a custard cup would make a nice dessert just for Mark and I.

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