What's in Your RV Kitchen?

As an RV  newbie I used to move my stick house kitchen gadgets back and forth after each trip.  While my RV Kitchen has begun to explode with supplies as time, vacations and trips have gone by, I've concocted a list of the basics required to start an RV kitchen.  I still use this list to keep my kitchen simple, thinning out the clutter once in a while.  You may have "necessities" specific to your lifestyle, for example, I've added a pizza cutter.  You might be attached to baking and a few baking pans or oven proof dishes may be impossible to live without.  Many of our readers are veteran RVers and this may be 'old hat' to some...if so, let me know if I've missed anything or what YOUR  'can't do without'  favorites are.

RV Kitchen Supply List:
12 pc. Stoneware Dish set 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Salad Plates, 4 Bowls
1 Storage Container set with lids
4 Coffee mugs
8 Tumblers 4 8oz
4 plastic tumblers
4 acrylic tumblers
2 Plastic mixing bowls
1 Colander
1 Stainless silverware set, include- 4 dinner knives, 4 dinner forks, 4 dinner spoons, 4 teaspoons, 4 steak knives
1 plastic cutting board
1 Nonstick cookware set with lids, Dutch Oven, 2 qt. Saucepan, 1 qt. Saucepan, 9.25 in. Fry pan
1 Measuring cups and spoons Set
1 Kitchen Utility knife set- Chef knife, Carving knife, 2 Utility, Paring
6 pc Chip Clips
1 2 qt. Pitcher
1Nylon Utensils Serving Set with spoon, Slotted spoon, Spatula, Ladle, Spaghetti fork
1 Kitchen Towel set with potholders and wash cloths
1 can opener
1 cheese grater
1 Set Kitchen Shears
1. BBQ fork, spatula, tong Set
1 Oven Starter with long handle
1 picnic table cloth 52"x70"
1 First Aid Kit- Bandages, gauze pads, alcohol pads, butterfly closure
1 Toothpick holder and toothpicks
1 Peeler, 1 Corkscrew, 1 Bottle Opener
1 Flashlight with batteries
1 Pot Scrubber

So, what did I miss?  Comment with your ideas and fill my virtual cabinets and drawers with all your favorite gadgets.


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